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Dorset Orthopaedic very generously sponsored Rio to make his Fireman Sam running blade for free, and it was the best Christmas present he could have wished for, but at a cost of £4,000 for each complete running blade, we need all the help we can get to provide Rio with new prosthetic running blades throughout his childhood. The socket alone costs £2,500 and will need to be replaced every 6-9 months, and the blade, which costs £1,500, will need to be replaced annually, depending on Rio's rate of growth.

The running blade has given Rio a new lease of life - he is so much more confident and happier in himself, and he hasn't stopped smiling since he started wearing it - now he can keep up with his able-bodied friends, even overtaking them when they race each other!


To donate to our "Run Rio Run" appeal via the LimbPower JustGiving page so that Rio can continue wearing a running blade as he grows, please visit - you'll be keeping the London 2012 Legacy alive by helping a future Champ to pursue his Paralympic dreams!

You can follow Rio's progress and adventures, both on and off the running track, on Facebook: and on Twitter:

We are aiming for as many "likes" and followers as possible to get maximum support for Rio and to raise awareness of our fundraising campaign and the fantastic opportunities available for young amputees and "differently-abled" children to participate in sport and leisure activities.

Thank you for all your support and donations for @BladeBoyRio
Roll on The 2024 Paralympics!


"Rio with his Fireman Sam Running Blade" (pictured left) by his 5 year old Blade Girlfriend, Charlotte Nott - 7th April 2013 at The Sportshall Final, LG Arena, Birmingham.

Rio's Thank-you Card for Cedric Levitt (pictured right) - 6th May 2013 . Cedric is an extremely generous Sponsor of Playskill - the pre-school playgroup for children with special physical needs, which Rio attended for 4 years - and he is The President of Watford & District Classic Vehicle Club, who have very kindly sponsored Rio (see Sponsors & Links). Cedric is a major driving force behind our Run Rio Run appeal and he has helped us in so many ways with all his fundraising expertise and extensive Contacts - we are especially grateful to him for funding the creation of this website by the brilliant team of Brigitt and Jonathan at Genial.


'Go Rio Go' and ' Rio New Blade Leg from Santa' - both drawings by Sofia Crockatt - 13th Jan 2013


Our Aim

To raise money to provide lightweight/high tech prosthetic legs for Rio as he grows, and to raise awareness of the increasing opportunities for young amputees to enjoy sport and leisure through our favourite charities and organisations (see Sponsors and Links) - the sky is the limit and the world is their oyster!

Keeping up with Rio

Rio had the most amazing 2013 with so many fantastic adventures both at home in the UK at some great para-sport events where he met his Paralympic heroes - Alan Fonteles Oliveira, Jonnie Peacock, David Weir and Richard Whitehead - and also abroad in Brazil where he was invited as a special guest of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee to the School Paralympics in Sao Paulo, to visit a rehabilitation centre and to spend time with Alan, and then Rio went to Rio to meet the Rio 2016 Organising Committee to talk about how London 2012 inspired him, to visit a school who hosted a mini-Paralympic Games in his honour, and a hospital where he was introduced on stage at the children's Christmas Party, as well as touring the beautiful sights of the city he was named after and where his parents honeymooned!

The grand finale of 2013 was a visit to 10 Downing Street where Rio was a special guest at a reception hosted by Samantha Cameron in support of the charity Demand, who have designed and manufactured wonderful equipment for Rio.

2014 has got off to a very exciting start with Rio being given his new running blade - the Ossur Junior Cheetah Xplore from Dorset Orthopaedic, custom-designed with the characters from his favourite movie "Rio" - he is the first child in the UK to receive this "Jonnie Peacock Special" blade with a lifelike silicone foot, so now he can wear a pair of shoes with his blade for the first time!

2014 is going to be another fun-filled, action-packed year for our young aspiring Paralympian with the first event being WheelPower's Primary Sports Camp at Stoke Mandeville on 22nd March!

Watch this space for 2013/14 updates on the Gallery and Media pages coming soon. For the most recent news and photos, follow Rio on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you for your support for Rio!"




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